Strategies for Growth

School is coming to a close, which means I can put an entirely new level of focus on my current projects: Nusakana and Amber Throne.

What I have been deprived a great deal of is practice. Composing is, in itself, a skill that must be honed. The only way to hone a skill is to practice it.

It has dawned on me that my practice comes during my performance.

When learning an instrument, you never go over a passage when you're on stage. Yet, I have been treating composing very similarly. I can hear the changes and growth, but it is happening (has happened, rather), while working on a soundtrack. This increase in skill and understanding must happen outside, that way, when I do "perform", people have a better perspective of my skill, rather than hearing a soundtrack that gravitates from "hey, she at least knows how to click little rectangles into a program!" to mediocre.

Starting yesterday, I have initiated a "create something a day" regiment. This also includes expanding on an already existing idea/piece, mixing an old project to sound better, creating small ditties to gain an acquaintance with newly acquired vsts and soundfonts - As long as I'm flexing my pink muscle in something composition-y or sound-y, I'm gravy.

Here's to food for the brain!