The biggestmissleever and I finished collaborating and submitting our game, Leviathan, into the contest three days ago!

This is a rather momentous occasion because:

1. We have a shot at possibly winning 10 grand.

2. Raised notoriety, since playing it will give way to interest for Amber Throne due to BME's unique art style.

3. BME will have completed three games! (I find that to be pretty impressive, especially for a primarily solo indie dev)

4. I'll finally have the opportunity to release a game soundtrack!

After much debate, I have decided to not just post the soundtrack to Leviathan, but to another old game I was writing for titled Conquest.

The developer has given me the go ahead (on numerous occasions) to post my work, and to be honest, I really want to.

Working with Blackwell pushed me in ways I never thought imaginable. 

Needless to say, I am exceptionally proud of the work I did for Conquest, and it would do my heart good to share it with the world (or the 1% that will encounter it)!

So, I have given myself a short-term goal for the summer:

Upload two Soundtrack Albums to Bandcamp!


Awwww snap!