Squeals... Squeals! SQUEALS!

Starting in February, I decided that whenever I write guitar for a piece of music, I would play it.

No matter the style or difficulty.

That, believe it or not, is a little hard to do when you're not as good at guitar as you would like to be.

I have a lot to learn about the guitfiddle in general, but as of now, I'd say that I'm intermediate.

It's time that I work on crossing the threshold into the realm of professionalism.


Therefore, I'm taking mastering guitar one small, microscopic, atom-esque step at a time.

My journey begins with improvisation


and squeals.

Today, I successfully started a rock piece that implements squeals.


It has gotten to the point where I can nearly squeal on cue!

I have recently come up with a squealing warm-up that, when used correctly and varied slightly, will thoroughly increase my capability of squealing.

Not going to lie, my lines have gotten better to.

I'm not simply "playing a scale", but stringing thoughts together and figuring out different ways to maneuver around guitar.

That's probably due to my "Scale a Month" project I've recently started and fallen behind on.

The gist:

Each month is dedicated to a scale that I study.

I create backing tracks and simply improvise on top of it, making sure the scale I use is the one fitted for that particular month.

These tunes are then uploaded to Newgrounds under a new pseudonym.

February was Major, March was Minor, April was neglected, and since my Minor scales leave much to be desired, I'm back to Minor again.

There is already a huge difference in my improvisation (and mixing) of my guitar pieces!

It's also a great test on efficiency in mixing and balancing since I only have a month to write as many different tracks as possible.

Oh, how I love hearing myself improve!