Arrangements 3: Journey to the Sun - Track List


Come to this post if you want to stay up to date on where I am in the challenge!

I had planned enough relevant pieces for the “anime” to fulfill the necessary length for the original challenge (90 minutes of music). I went through, picked out the pieces that would be the most pertinent to the story, and cut the track list down by about 20 pieces.

The track names are subject to change. I plan on crossing out/bolding track titles upon their completion! I have descriptions (more in-depth to what is posted there), but I am thinking of also grabbing a few images to give viewers an idea of what is going on in my mind as well!

Journey to the Sun OST

  • 1. Kaej

    (Theme that represent's Kaej's forwardness, perseverance, and persistence)

  • 2. Kingdom made of Stone

    (Piece that would represent the heart of The Mountain Kingdom. The character that best exudes Mountain pride would be Kuma. Think large, encompassing, strong, impregnable. Noble/honest.)

  • 3. Yulesad

    (A piece that would play during nostalgic scenes. Peaceful but reminiscent of a happy past.)

  • 4. Festival of Sons

    (Joy, excitement.)

  • 5. Conflict

    (Should play when tensions run high, and are emotionally charged)

  • 6. The interview

    (Pensive. Should seem poignant. Think of old news bulletins. It's the beginning of a story detailing lost history. Neutral tone)

  • 7. Broken

    (Would play during deeply sad scenes. Makes you feel sorry for the person)

  • 8. Riddle

    (Would play during questioning scenes. Monologues, trying to figure things out. Overcoming a mental hurdle)

  • 9. The chase

  • (Would play during play and urgent scenes)

  • 10. Irritation

    (Agitation and frustration. A theme for a curmudgeon)

  • 11. Growing

    (Would play as two characters gain a family fondness for one another over the months.)

  • 12. Tay

    (Playful and sassy)

  • 13. Song of Sanction

    (Song sung to commemorate a woman being married and the pilgrimage that ensues)

  • 14. Skirmish

    (Serious, but not overly so. Think.. mid boss battle level of importance)

  • 15. Aizu

    (Something that signifies I am meant to be here. Purpose, almost pompous to a degree)

  • 16 Blood

    (Extremely tense. It's not anger, but almost exasperation? Would play during emotionally surprising scenes)

  • 17. Jare's theme

    (Hopeful, eager, over achiever, people pleaser. Honestly, just make music for a sweetheart)

  • 18. Norim

    (Soft, stern)

  • 19. Buan

    (Unfaultering. Epitome of tradition)

  • 20. Altaica

    (Big, serious battle piece. A momentous battle.)

  • 21. Kingdom in the Trees

  • (Calm, settled. Visual, think the Eruyt Village, FF12)

  • 22. Kingdom from the Spring

    (Representative of water, would play as the group is walking along the path leading to the kingdom. Think majestic, Venice)

  • 23. Awakening

    (Plays during a light ritual, from the Kingdom in the Plains)

  • 24. Truth

    (Strong and emotional turning point in the present.)

  • 25. New beginning

    (Starting over)

  • 26. Second Pilgrimage

    (Rehashed version of the Song of Sanction- should contain elements of the southern continent)

  • 27. Waiting

    (Extreme longing, but not overbearingly so.)

  • 28. Forgotten

    (A bittersweet ending. Everyone is happy, but everyone loses something.)

Goal - 1:30 minutes of finished music a day