, officially, OWT! 


The soundtrack... not so much...

Long story short... computer got a bug, and now I'm making up for it! That's alright -- I plan to have it out:

Soundtrack Release Date (edited):

Friday, July 17

(Realized just how involved the mastering process is, and this soundtrack is KINDA big)

I also plan to clean up my website. I want the music I put on it to reflect where I am, currently, as a composer. As much as I love many of the pieces that I have uploaded to this site, many of them need to be remixed/mastered, and just plain removed. My skill surpasses (at least mixing wise), what I currently have on my portfolio. 

In the meantime, if you want to hear some of my d0p3 tr@ck$s, head on over to my soundcloud. Get in contact via e-mail or s.c. if you feel so inclined!


Mail of the electronic variety:

Thank you, from the A.T. dev team, for your support!