A New Year

..a new blog!

As much as I would enjoy saying that I am embarking on new musical endeavors, the truth is, I am finishing up projects still on-going: Nusakana and Amber Throne.

I am so excited for these games. Love, tears, and quarts of blood have been pumped into these projects, and I can't wait until we, as a team, are able to release these dreams to the world.

I'm ready for these soundtracks to be experienced - A foray of music, speaking the game's soul, coming straight from my heart.

Now, the question raised is...

 What's next? 

Believe it or not, quite a bit (if I stick to it). A few game ideas pending (one in particular), a book, and most importantly, a couple of personal soundtrack albums. I most certainly want to continue writing for games (bring'em on!), but I think, as a musician, I need to create a set of music that comes from within.

No guidelines but my own.

No restrictions but my own,

No purpose but to exist.

I think that'll be the start. There is a piece I worked on earlier that I strongly believe will be the introductory track to this future album, if not a heavy influence.


I'm getting chills just thinking about it!