What I Can Do For You!

Passionate Style and Character

My goal is to create music that accents the visual and the emotional in any project that I am on. I do my best to make sure that music is more than a "stand-in"; it is essential, and should be regarded as such. If that includes multiple attempts at nailing the right sound (sometimes at *my* insistance), then it's worth it. Going the extra mile? Worth it. Hard work is the best ingredient.

Long story short, I make music that tastes like [insert your favorite food] and we're probably gonna be besties.

In-House Mixing

Do you have a track that sounds deep in the mud, but lack the skills, or desire, to balance and even everything out? Send it to me! I have audio mixing experience that will leave your track sounding as good as Emma Watson looks in a photo shoot.

(...Okay, maybe not THAT good...)




Do you have a piece of music that you want transcribed? Perhaps you have an audio-recording of a piece and would like it arranged for a particular ensemble type? If you require sheet music for any intent or purpose, I can write, edit, and arrange music for personal needs, large groups, or hamster choirs.

Lasting Relationships

I don't want to work for you, I want to work with you. The best relationships I've had are ones where I push my colleagues and vice versa. This is more than just a job, we're building lasting friendships. I work hard to establish value and worth in my music, a practice I strive to apply to all areas of my life. The project we build together shouldn't be the only thing that is memorable. Our bond should be like a Twinkie - everlasting.